Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet

Custodial VS Non-Custodial

A Custodial wallet keeps a customer’s private keys and provides backup while a Non-Custodial wallet is decentralized in nature in which only customer owns its private keys. If you lost your keys a custodial wallet have features to get them back but in Non-Custodial wallet losing your keys means losing your all assets. The custodial wallet provides the backup but chances of getting hacked are higher in them so it’s good to keep your private keys safe in physical form using Non-Custodial crypto wallet.

Why Rupeso?

Rupeso is designed as a Non-Custodial wallet; we don’t keep a backup of your private keys to ensure you to provide a completely decentralized crypto wallet that is safe from any type of hacks. Your assets are completely safe and secure in non-custody environment.